Using Advanced Crime Analytics to uncover crucial leads.

Wynyard Group Advanced Crime Analytics software helped a customs and border protection agency reveal crucial leads in unveiling a narcotics smuggling ring and gang network.

Within a matter of days, the software was able to identify potential suspects and link these individuals to compelling evidence.

A customs and border protection agency had been tipped off that a shipment of crystal meth was being shipped into a busy national port from another country. The agency investigating the information made a number of minor prosecutions and seized small amounts of the narcotics but were unable to locate the container of the illicit substance or any key people involved in the trafficking. After the investigation had been closed, Wynyard was asked to review the lawfully gathered evidence and present its findings. Wynyard was given the investigation records from 10 months of around 25 people suspected of being part of a narcotics smuggling ring to analyse with its crime fighting software that rapidly highlights intelligence in large amounts of data.