Wynyard’s serious and organised crime analytics solution was used by one of the world’s largest national police forces in a high profile, ongoing homicide investigation. For any police agency homicide is a high priority event where significant resources are engaged to bring rapid closure to the case.

In this case, there was no information to establish why the victim had been killed. There were no witnesses, and few leads. As time progressed, the significant volume of both structured and unstructured data being collected and generated led to a large backlog of unprocessed documents containing valuable evidence and intelligence.

Following several months of intense police investigation, with little progress and few leads, the decision was made to use Wynyard’s Serious and Organised Crime Analytics to help police analysts and investigators manage the growing volume of data and evidence. Once the decision was made, Wynyard Intelligence was quickly installed.

Police determined the first priority was to upload the critical data generated in the first key months of the investigation and to displace the disparate systems they had previously been using to manage the case, such as individually authored and manually updated spreadsheets. Over 2,500 documents, more than 40,000 text messages and 4,200 phone calls were uploaded in 25 minutes, clearing the two month data backlog and freeing up more than 20% of the resources working the case from processing data to investigating leads.