Wynyard Professional Services provides customers with direct access to Wynyard’s specialist skills and expertise in designing, integrating and implementing leading risk management and advanced crime analytics solutions in secure government and enterprise environments.

Professional Services

Wynyard’s professional services team has deep experience in risk management, investigations and intelligence operations across government, financial services and critical national infrastructure. Wynyard has built a reputation for its “way of working” that sees it trusted by the world’s leading secure agencies, largest financial institutions and Fortune 500 corporations.

Wynyard’s professional services team includes solution consultants, architects, implementation and training specialists offering:

  • Solution design
  • Solution configuration
  • Solution implementation
  • Solution management
  • Solution support

Wynyard provides 24x7 product and operational support.


Wynyard Taskforce Support Services are available to support government task forces and serious crime operations in select countries. Wynyard can provide expert data scientists, analytics and analysis specialists to support investigations and intelligence teams or meet urgent operational requirements.

Wynyard crime fighting software solutions can be deployed with our specialist team into the customer's environment or as an appliance if required.