Wynyard Group's Advanced Crime Analytics and Risk Management products have been pre-configured to fight major crime types and manage risk across government and financial services.

  • High Consequence Cyber Crime

    Wynyard’s High Consequence Cyber Crime solution helps organisations discover the highest priority threats on their network to prevent potentially catastrophic damage intended by cyber intrusion.

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  • Serious Crime Investigations

    Wynyard’s Serious Crime Investigations solution is a highly configurable, secure tool allowing front line investigators to manage investigations and act on critical information faster.  

  • Serious and Organised Crime

    Wynyard’s Serious and Organised Crime Analytics solution has been designed to detect, stop and help solve serious crimes by rapidly identifying intelligence for use by law enforcement personnel.

  • Person of Interest

    Wynyard’s Person of Interest solution combines the power of advanced crime analytics and targeted case management, enabling agencies to proactively manage offenders, protect victims and prevent serious crime.

  • Gun Crime Analytics

    Wynyard's Gun Crime Analytics solution is purpose-built to help solve gun crimes by linking ballistics and other data sources to expose patterns and relationships.

  • Law Enforcement

    Wynyard data analytics offers flexibility to officers and agents of Law Enforcement organizations by allowing them to track patterns of criminal events to prevent them in future. The advanced analytical solution provided by Wynyard facilitates understanding criminal cases strategically.

  • Intelligence

    Wynyard Group Intelligence services are meant to render the intelligence community world over, the solution which effectively, securely, and efficiently helps exploit and examine data that leads to a well-informed functional planning and strategical execution.

  • Mobile Device Analytics

    Wynyard’s Mobile Device Analytics solution rapidly connects data generated by mobile devices with other intelligence to help investigators and intelligence analysts prevent and solve crime.