Wynyard’s Crime Science Research Centre brings together the world’s leading data scientists, software engineers and industry experts.

Single-minded about building powerful tools that enable our clients to know the threats, connect the dots and uncover the truth, our research focuses the application of advanced analytics, data integration and context aware visualisation.

  • Tasking

    Wynyard’s software has comprehensive tasking and scheduling capabilities to support business processes.

  • Search and Query

    The Wynyard platform contains a high-performance, full-featured text search engine.

  • Visualization

    Context-aware visualization displays entities in the most intuitive way.

  • Text Mining

    Text mining aims to obtain valuable insights from large amounts of unstructured text.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Anomaly detection is the search for entities or events that do not conform to an expected pattern.

  • Rules Engine

    Wynyard’s rules and scoring engine allows data to be monitored in near real time.

  • Prediction

    Wynyard’s predictive analytics combines data from a variety of sources to generate a model of future events.

  • Open Source Intelligence

    Open source intelligence (OSINT) including social media and news feeds can be used throughout Wynyard’s solutions.

  • XEREM Data Model

    XEREM is a highly configurable (or extensible) data model that enables specific entities, relationships and events to be defined to meet the requirements of a particular customer or solution.

  • Data Load and Ingestion

    Data from any source that can be provided in text, CSV, XML or JSON formats can be loaded into ACA.

  • Security

    The Wynyard platform security model ensures that data is only accessed and manipulated by authorised personnel.